PVC-PVC-Pvc-gold silver color spray (gold light silver adhesive card )


I. scope of use:
It is suitable for all kinds of inkjet printer to make the card base material.

Ii. Product features
Good flash gold effect, fast ink drying speed, strong adhesion, accurate color reduction, easy lamination, lamination is not easy to deformation, stiffness is good.

Iii. Production method:
1. Print pictures and texts on the "print surface".
2. Laminate the printed material with other required materials (other core layer, rubber film, etc.).
3. Remove the laminated material from the cutting punch card.

Iv. Product storage and shelf life:
Dry, ventilated, dustproof, prevent bask in, shelf-life 9 months

V. product specifications and packaging:
General specification is 0.3mm x A4, 50 pieces/bag, 20 packages/box, special specification and packaging requirements can refer to the requirements with plastic film packaging or directly contact us.

Vi. Product certification: