PVC white lamination-free material


I. scope of use:
  Mainly used for rapid and simple business card printing, no lamination, as long as the printing of plastic seal, punch card, especially suitable for small batch PVC card production of small business card printing shops in small and medium-sized market towns.

Ii. Product features:
Ink drying fast, not loose ink, accurate color reduction, medium material bond strength, protective film easy to remove, good stiffness.

Iii. Production method:
  1. Print the image image on the "printing material" and wait for the ink to dry out (5-10 minutes).
  2. Remove the protective film on both sides of the medium material, overlay the printing surface of the printing material on both sides of the medium material, and use the plastic sealing machine to superplasticize the three layers at the same time (the temperature is 120-160 degrees).
  3. Cut the plastic-sealed materials and use the card punching machine to flush out the card, and finally tear off the protective film on the card surface.

  Dry, ventilated, dustproof, prevent bask in, shelf-life 9 months.

V. product specifications and packaging:
A set of 3 sheets (0.15 transparent printing material +0.46 silver medium material +0.15 transparent printing material) 200mm*300mm, 50 sets/box,10 boxes/box. The net weight is 36.8kg and the gross weight is 37.8kg. There are two kinds of neutral packaging and aoxiang brand packaging, customers can customize the brand packaging on the premise of not breaking the law.

Vi. Product certification: