HP Indigo digital printing film with adhesive film

I. product introduction: the special adhesive film for digital printing is a new adhesive film launched by jiangyin aoxiang imaging materials co., ltd. for HP Indigo electronic ink, which is suitable for the full series of HP Indigo digital printing machines. The film and electronic ink adhesion fastness, resistance to high temperature lamination deformation, color change, no color pick on a variety of color adhesion strength, excellent aging performance under room temperature the longer the adhesive strength of the higher.

Ii. Usage: directly laminated with HP Indigo electronic ink printing sheet

Iii. Technical features:
1. Suitable for HP Indigo electronic ink lamination, high peel strength
2. Wear resistance, effectively improve the life of the card
3. Business card printing process environmental protection, no solvent, exhaust emissions

Iv. Technical parameters:
Project Indicators
Appearance Clean and smooth
Size Length(mm) Specifications±1
Wide(mm) ±1
Degree(mm/m) ≤1
Thickness(mm) ±10%
Vicat softening point(℃)> 70±5
90°Peel strength(N/cm) ≥6/

V. Lamination process:

Laminated unit Temperature (℃) Pressure (MPa) Time(min)
Hot pressing 110~145 ≥7.5 20~30
Cold pressing ≤25 ≥7.5 ≥20

Vi. Packing: outer packing: carton inner packing: polyethylene film

Vii. Storage conditions and shelf life: the products must be stored indoors and the stacking height shall not exceed 1 meter. Pay attention to when stored in sealed, avoid light at room temperature, moisture, environment temperature 5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. The shelf life under normal storage conditions is one year.

Viii. Matters needing attention:
1. The substrate is placed horizontally to avoid direct sunlight;
2. Take as needed, seal and save, and use up as soon as possible after opening.