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With the rapid development of the global fabrication industry, international market demand for all kinds of new materials and new technology that make is increasingly showing a variety of characteristics, especially to the development of all kinds of personalized card material and technology to become widely regarded as one of the mainstream of development trend, the market in 2006, jiangyin Mr Cheung that due to the birth of video materials co., LTD.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of jiangyin zhongka new materials co., LTD., a global professional PC/PETG/ABS/PVC card-base manufacturer, jiangyin aoxiang imaging materials co., ltd. has been standing on the shoulders of giants since its establishment. With the card in the global business card printing industry has accumulated rich experience for many years, aoxiang can focus on more professional services for the global business card printing users to provide all kinds of high-quality personalized business card printing materials.

The company mainly produces PC/PETG/PVC business card printing with plastic film, strong credit card with plastic film, laser with plastic film, HP Indigo digital printing, gold and silver card materials, the monthly production capacity of 260 tons, the complete product line also enables us to fully meet all kinds of business card printing users for business card printing materials "one-stop" procurement service needs.